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Soon, you’ll see results achieved by our clients. Don’t be mistaken, these outcomes are the culmination of months of hard work, failures, and optimization of our methodologies in collaboration with our clients.

Our Results…speak for themselves

PS: Some of our customers’ data are obscured out for obvious privacy reasons. Images have our logo to avoid possible theft by competitors.

Paid Ads

Advertising Investment on Meta Advertising of over €3500, generating more than €12800 in sales for the client within a month.
(Including over €15000 in sales when accounting for those not properly tracked by the software).
A return on investment of more than 4 times the expenditure incurred.


Significant investment propels new business to –> 58% visibility on Google within one year in its operating city.
Nearly 1 in 2 customers see it in the top search results. All organic, with no advertising spend.
An investment that, in our view, is priceless.

Acquisition & Sales Process

Development of a complete digital acquisition process for an entrepreneur. Strategy development for Advertising + Website.
In 6 months, sales reached €328,201 with a margin exceeding 31%

Paid Ads

Advertising Investment leveraging Google Advertising of over €900 daily, generating more than €4531 in sales for the client.
A return on investment of approximately 5 times the daily expenditure.

Content Creation

Content Creation in Short and Long Formats. These are excellent for conveying a message and can also be used in advertising to achieve specific goals.

Amazon eCommerce

Strategic Management of eCommerce for Beauty Products on the Amazon FBA Model.
A store generating over six figures in annual revenue (€207’599)

Appointments Generation for Local Services

Behind every person interested in the services advertised by our campaigns, there’s always a salesperson ready to respond.
These are the results from a client who received 984 calls from potential buyers in just one year.
That’s an average of 3-4 calls per day for a professional service priced between €190 and €500.

Fraud Prevention

In the realm of digital advertising, a rapidly growing issue is fake traffic (primarily through bots) used by unscrupulous competitors to inflate traffic acquisition costs.
Thanks to our tools, we are able to detect and block this type of traffic, thereby limiting damage.
In a specific case, we blocked over 7% of fraudulent traffic, saving our client more than €200 per week

Our Formula is simple…

…but it’s how you apply it that makes all the difference!

Step 1

Stand Out

Step 2


Step 3

Sell and Retain

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